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Need help with codecs

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Need help with codecs
A codec is required, in which the size of the video will not take up the memory of a bunch of gigabytes, but it will also have good image quality
For recording I use Bandicam
Already dealt with codecs Xvid, H264 (CPU), H264 (AMD APP) and Motion JPEG: the problem of the first and last is a large video size (Xvid codec - 5 gigabytes with hourly video, Motion JPEG codec - 8 gigabytes with 30 minutes video) , and the problem of the second and third - buggy picture on the recorded video (low FPS codec H264 (CPU) and a torn picture of the codec H264 (AMD APP)

The image below is a frame from the video with H264(AMP APP) codec

This is how the video looks like with the H264 codec (AMD APP)(you can see the image gap below)

What codec can advise and what program if the codec is only in it?

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