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question i already asked


like I've said previously i have made a custom line of exit text for map 6 in the wad im working on and have gotten it to work the only problem is that it doesn't scroll properly

and only one of the lines of text appears but every answer I've gotten has told me to redo the text using map info (the level was made with doom builder 2 in the zdoom doom for doom format and Slade 3 was used to add the text which was made with whackED4) however im pretty sure that making a line of text that already works scroll properly is a lot easier than redoing the whole thing.

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On 9/22/2017 at 9:20 PM, genericpainelemental said:

.... which was made with whackED4) ......

When you want to edit the text, which types onto the screen, then you have to create a new string with Whacked4. While you can add a string which is longer than the original one, I do not know if that would overwrite any following strings.


Which version of Whacked4 are you using?

Using version 1.2.1 caused no problems for me.


Or, as already mentioned, if you map for G/ZDoom formats you could make use of MAPINFO.

See here for some info.


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There's also EMAPINFO for Eternity, and although it hasn't yet caught on, UMAPINFO for Boom-format maps (though right now the only source port I know of that officially supports it is a special PrBoom+ build Graf made that doesn't even support the current syntax for the lump, unless you compile your own build).

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Hey, np.

No credit needed ;), it only took a minute to see what was what there..

Mainly testing in game to see where those \n's needed to be. I used Xwe actually to fix.

Don't tell exl, but in Whacked, the "creation field" didn't show the \n's. Which made it a bit hard to see where they should be.


Anyways, I noticed in your wad that you have 2 map06 map headers. not sure why heh.

You should make a backup of your wad and delete one of the map06's, otherwise you might have a hard time editing the map lol. Also while your at it, move your Dehacked lump to the top of the compilation.

Just me I suppose, but it would be more organized. :) 

Been awhile since I'v compiled a mega wad, but I always put the scripts and such at the top. 


Good luck, Cheers 

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