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UT99 Weapons for Doom

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Unreal Tournament weapons for Doom

replaces all weapons with UT, all have their own weapon slots just like in UT, 7 for minigun etc.

Weapons: Enforcer (no double), Bio Rifle, Shock Rifle, Pulsegun, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Rocketlauncher, Sniper Rifle.

This mod isn't mine but it's 10 years old, I tried to contact the person that made this mod but I don't know if he uses the same email, I don't think he'll mind some fixes and improvements with it.

I've done some sound fixes and added some sounds, originally the minigun sounds didn't work, they weren't scripted correctly so I fixed that. added player sounds.

The pulsegun doesn't have the alt fire beam.

If anyone would like to help make this a complete UT mod with the ripper, redeemer and double enforcer, would be much appreciated. Improve the sprites, animations etc.

Run this mod with Zandronum, some reason the weapons don't pickup in GZDoom, could be the version problem and the Sniper Rifle uses the Railgun zoom, zoom doesn't work in GZDoom.


Here's Download link to the mod, I've included UT music but it only replaces Episode 1 music in Ultimate Doom:


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No way Jose! UT Is just to freaking fantastic! One of my fav games of all time, and now, inside another one of my fav game of all time! This is really nice, of course, It could get a lot more better, but by now I can tell you this looks really cool.


PS: Petty that GZDoom cant play it fully.

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The Flak Cannon and Sniper are overpowered as hell. Shock combo does work as I did one in the video, but the shock beam is off, like in E1M1 it doesn't hit the imp on the high platform, so you have to aim up or use the alt fire.

Shock rifle and Flak cannon both share same ammo as shock rifle replaces the shotgun and flak cannon replaces the super shotgun.

When playing this mod, it's best to turn off auto-aim for the shock combo.

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