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fridge sticker.wad

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my first deathmatch wad. it's very basic with all the spawns having a weapon in front of them thus causing each player to have a weapon right away

the design of the areas range from more open wooden areas to small tight industrial areas. the level was made with doom builder 2 in the zdoom doom for doom format with the doom 2 wad and was tested with gzdoom and zandronum. also this map is pretty small so I'd recommend playing with 2 or 4 players. (also yes the name for this wad is weird but i couldn't think of anything else at the time)

fridge sticker.zip




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This is not really a playable deathmatch map by modern standards. I'd seriously recommend hopping on Zandronum or ZDaemon and getting some casual experience on servers. The deficiencies of the map will become fairly obvious afterwards.


First off, the idea of giving a player a weapon right away is a good one, but you generally want to place the weapon directly on the spawn itself. Second, the layout doesn't really work. It's basically one central hub room with four rooms on the north, south, east, and west walls, no connection between said rooms. Good deatmatch layouts usually are set up such that most rooms (or most areas, since maps don't always use self-contained rooms) have more than one way of getting in or out. Check out SSL2 for example. 





Rooms with two or three ways in and out. Even windows. 


Your map is essentially going to boil down to chaining spawn frags.





With two players, spawns in blue are all sitting ducks. The top one has no weapon and the bottom two are some steps away from the SSGs. Whoever is in control is just hanging around that doorway and then spawnfragging the other player if they show up there, and if they don't then it's obvious they spawned in one of the rooms with the SG or CG where they will be trapped and outmuscled easily. You don't even need the secret BFG (lol) for this, but yeah that'd make it even harsher. With more players, it's more of the same. CG/SG spawns both suck in terms of firepower, and the other ones are incredibly vulnerable. The person who knows to open the wall for the secret BFG will clean up.

Edited by rdwpa

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1 hour ago, genericpainelemental said:

wow i really messed up with this wad.

You did say it was your first deathmatch wad. Yes, you made some mistakes that will hamper the experience of the wad and the fun players may have, but they can all be remedied. As long as you're open to input and you listen to the advice of people with more experience than you, you'll be fine and you'll improve. And the next time you submit a map, or the next revision of this map, it will be better.

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This reminds me a lot of my first deathmatch wad. Don't be discouraged, rdwpa gave feedback because they want to help you do better next time :)

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