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Hexen DKotDC install problems

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I'm new to this forum so please excuse if I did put the thread at the wrong place!


My Problem is, that I cannot get the Hexen Expansion, Deathking of the Dark Citadel, to install on my PC. 


I own the CD Versions of both Hexen and the Expansion. Since they are blocked in my country, I cannot download them via steam or gog. I don't want to use an abandonware download, since I own the physical versions. I want to run them using GZDoom, but I think I need to install the Expansion first to get its WAD file.


Using Windows 10 64bit, they naturally won't install, so I went with DOSBox. I copied both CDs on my Harddrive and used DOSBox to start the install. I works perfectly fine with the main game, installs it to a new directory and it runs flawless. 


The I tried the same thing with the expansion, but when trying to install it DOSBox always says "Can't find a .dat file" and stops. Same happens when I try to install the 1.1 patch (since I know that it is needed to run the Expansion with music), which comes with the Expansion. "Can't find a .dat file". This really drives me insane, since I had absolutely no problems with the main game.. :)


Can someone please help me with this? I finished the main game and want to continue with the expansion. X( 

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Edit: Seems like I was too fast with my celebretaing. The patch started to install, but then, after very long time, reported an error, that it did not find the fitting data, just another data with the same name and that it did not patch because of that.


When I start the main game and the expansion now, it reads version 1.1, but no music in the expansion, other than the main menu.


Does somebody know what to do here? I don't know how to change the timestamp of the hexen date to 10-15-95, which seems to be the struggling point. Deleting the depend in the resource file does not seem to work properly.


Jeez, this is getting really tiresome.




"It somehow worked now... I don't know why, but it worked, after i copied the files again and started all over.


I now had the problem that the timestamp of the hexen.exe needed to be from 1995 for the patch to work, but I found a way on another forum to fix that. (open rescource date with notepad an erase the line with the date...).


That was an evening well spend. XD"

Edited by Yven : Still not working properly

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Edit: Finally everything seems to be working! :D I followed a guide by a user, DoomGater, how to directly patch the hexen wad and then I got a patch for the hexdd wad of the expansion. Music seems to be working now.


I'm sorry for all the text! This was quite a journey for me... XD


The guide is several years old, but if DoomGater is reading this, thanks man! Really thanks! That was quite genius! Should have followed your guide from the start, would have saved me several hours of madness XD



"So my final idea was to set my windows date to 10-15-1995 an install hexen again, which put the timestamp of the hexen.exe to 10-15-1995. Then I put back the complete unchanged resource into the patch folder and started the patch anew. No it did accept the date of the exe and tried to patch, but after several minutes it again stated that it did not patch because it did not find the matching data, just one with the same name.


I'm really running out of ideas now. And it really bothers me that the iwad of the main game I'm using for gzdoom seems to still be the 1.0 version despite the loading screen saying 1.1.


This is really frustrating. Such a great game but such a pain in the butt to get this patch running..."

Edited by Yven

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