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WAD Support Request (Assitance Requested?)

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I will post a link if that is permitted to a download location if needed.
I would like someone willing with the experience and understanding to fix some bugs in the Hexen Mod: A New World. Which was a Follow up to Tower of Chaos. Argonian Lord has dropped support for this TC, yet some of my friends and family still adore this mod. That said, I need some bugs fixed.


1. It is still possible to get locked in Heaven or Hell if one person goes through the portal and doesn't hold the door open for other players. Someone has to stand there and know to keep the door from closing.
2. If one person goes through Heaven, and a different person goes through Hell, neither door will open for either opening. You will be stuck in Raducal's Room with no exit.
3. In the event all players do choose one ending or another, only one player can exit Raducal's Room, the other players must use F12 to see the ending.

(Wrath of Cronos)

Most of the Heretic Monsters have no experience table and do not count for level grinding. Nor do the bosses, and the Bishop Sprite is over used. I thought the Iron Lich could be replaced with the Dark Lich from Extra Monsters V10A, and the Red Bishop representing Tifsim with the D'spairl Palette swap that fires red lightning.


A New World Link:


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