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Can someone host my Doom SyncDbg static website for me?

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I am close to finishing up a small web site for SyncDbg - my demo/network synchronization tool that helps developers find and identify places in their port that cause demos to desync. The web pages are straight, static html with images. Included are the SyncDbg source code files, as well as the data files that the tool produces. All in all, the whole thing should be less than 50 files, and should occupy less than 10 Mb of space.


Can anyone offer me a static address to the site, and host my files for me? I can provide some maintenance cash as well, if desired/required. Thanks in advance.

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...or, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how I might accomplish this? I can zip it up, and put the whole thing on a file sharing site, if need be - I was just hoping there would be enough interest, that someone might hook me up. It makes conversation a bit difficult, when we have to refer to a zipped file.


Thanks in advance.

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Like I’ve said, put it on Github and use github.io for the static HTML files. It exists for exactly this sort of thing!

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Ok, I'll give it a shot. At first, I didn't think GitHub was a good fit, since it's not a compilable project on its own, and it includes a bunch a data files. Honestly, I've never used GitHub, so it's going to be a learning experience. Good to get it out of the way, I suppose, to pave the way for other stuff. And, best of all, others can update it, if need be.


You've convinced me. Should have it up in a few days. Thanks.

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