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Enviroment artist and Level design

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I think one handles the art style/visual theme of the map and the other is in charge of the practical application of the map design itself.


Edit: Yeah what he said.

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I have actually wondered about this very recently because I would like to transition to Unreal to become a professional level designer one day.


...To me it was very surprising when I saw that there was a distinction between the two. I think every Level Designer should be and Environment Artist and every Environment Artist should be a Level designer.


I have recently been wondering why modern AAA games are overflowing with pointless details that make the maps unreadable and I think this is why.


I mean just look at Quake, Quake 2 and Doom 3. The games are very beautiful and very detailed but also very crisp and..."readable". You don't get lost in the tiny details. More often than not I wonder if that extra 3D model on the walls in modern games really makes the game better or even more beautiful. 


I remember when I played Thief 2014 how hard it was to find a simple button because of the detail overflowing. In contrast, the original games have very easy to read levels. When the designers put something in the level it was because they wanted you to see something important. I think the best Dark Mod maps really manage find a balance between being beautiful and functional.


Not all studios make the distinction by the way, some of them have Level Designers do visual work too and I think that is how it is supposed to be done.

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