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A deathmatch-focused Dead Simple made considerably less simple... with 3d floors! (FOR REAL)

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It's probably not a super original idea, but the increased 3d-ness should provide a fairly fresh experience. And besides the main ceiling turned 3d and a way to get there, there's other interesting stuff there as well. I think there's enough going on on just one screenshot here. And there's more.


At first there wasn't anything inside the tall supporting pillars, and there were also super shotguns out in the open on the ceiling. It was a nice simple design, but getting on the health&backpack platform from the metal platforms wasn't as easy as I intended. It probably wasn't a huge issue, but I decided to add an alternate way of getting those, that would also be simpler than getting the blue armor. So I made the platform lower temporarily if you jump off one of two particular ledges, but those ledges were too close to the super shotgun, and all the other ledges were already presenting other opportunities that would also stack. So I added those holes in columns and put super shotguns inside so you'd have to choose between a shotgun and backpacks/health, and then I added more holes, including two alternate entrances up cause the upper area was too cool to only be accessible by two staircases that are kind of out of the way.

Sadly, the cajun bots tend to be too hypnotized by the central cornucopia to fight here. Maybe someone can get some fun out of this level though!


Living Complex.zip

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I don't know what the screenshot is of, but it's certainly not of your map. Your map has zero player starts, zero deathmatch starts, zero objects of any kind. Things lump is of size 'zero'. Not sure what exactly you did here.

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It's just regular map07 with an empty things lump, and strangely the deathmatch exit removed: 



I think you uploaded the wrong file.

Edited by Edward850

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