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What weapons do you dislike seeing in mods?

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14 minutes ago, Empyre said:

I like that idea of a tertiary attack happening when both primary and secondary fire are pressed. I wonder if that can be done with DECORATE with help from ACS if needed.

You don't even need ACS. Hell, if you're using ZScript you have direct access to the players' cmd variable.

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1 hour ago, Xaser said:

Regarding the topic itself, I dunno if I can point to a particular weapon archetype I outright dislike, but one behavior in ZDoom mods I've never been a fan of is when a weapon has two firemodes, but the Altfire key just switches between modes and the primary fire shoots whatever mode you're on*. If the weapon only has two firemodes, make altfire do the other attack and don't waste my time. Bonus negative points if there's no visual indicator on the weapon which mode I'm in, so I forget which one it is.




[*Sacrilege time: I got into the ARPG genre with Torchlight, so when I tried to go back to Diablo 2 and realized the skill bindings just switched your slot rather than used the skill, it frustrated me so much I wasn't able to progress that far into the game. Apparently this cut runs deep. ;]

I could not agree further on the fire modes thing.  Something like this would be more practical if the alternate mode was bound to a key.  Doomzone did this to great effect, in my opinion.  It also bugs me to see some weapons with an altfire whereas certain other ones don't.  Lacks consistency, to me.


Regarding Diablo 2, I forgot that was a thing.  Thank you for the reminder on a future frustration, lol.


15 minutes ago, Arctangent said:

You don't even need ACS. Hell, if you're using ZScript you have direct access to the players' cmd variable.

Did not know that function existed!  Knowledge is indeed power.  Thank you for that.

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