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Running a test with PrBoom - how do I find a Flat I am missing


I seem to be having issues attempting to set up testing in PrBoom. My first problem I resolved by consulting this thread, many thank to @MYK for the answer to that issue. Now I am getting a peculiar error (see attachment). It seems (from what I can glean from other posts) I have a flat texture that is preventing the map from compiling (I assume?) so I can run it in gl PrBoom.


Can somebody point me in the right direction?







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In GZDB, press F3 to bring up the find and replace dialog.

Type the texture name there that you're looking for, and replace it with a known Doom2 flat texture name, eg FLAT1.


If found, in this case, "FLAT_HLI" will be replaced with FLAT1.

Save and load the map in PrBoom..



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