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Is there a way to show par times in Heretic?

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Using MAPINFO, I've set the par times for a heretic project, but they don't show up (in zdoom or GZDoom)


Do I need to add an intermission section to my MAPINFO lump, and if so - what do I need to include in order to display par times?



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It doesn't usually display par times, no. Which is why I was wondering how to do it :)

Surely being a doom derivative there is some way to do it, my problem is I don't fully understand how to make the Intermission definitions in MAPINFO do my bidding....

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Looking through the LANGUAGE lump, I come across this under the heretic language stuff:


// Raven intermission






And I can change the name of one of these to say "par", and it displays at the end of the map, but can I add a par time as an extra?


Another strange thing about heretic is that it displays the time taken on the map twice - as if it's replacing the par time with the time taken.


I've searched for what references the TXT_IMTIME or suchlike language sections but they aren't referenced in any of the MAPINFO/gameinfo heretic or common files.


I can't seem to find the part where regular doom defines the par time being displayed either...

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