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problem i have with zandronum

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for some odd reason whenever i change the render settings to opengl instead of software my game lags insanely

anyone know how to fix this? (also yes i do know that zandronum forums are a thing)

(this is very strange since when i use gzdoom with opengl my pc is fine and i have been able to use opengl with zandronum on other computers and have no lag)

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Loading Zandronum for the first time with opengl it freaks out a little bit and thats all. After a while its gonna run just fine. Thats what happens to me, if it still lags after a while, probably just your computer.

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Zan's OGL renderer is based on an older gzdoom version, which may or may not be the cause of the lag. You can try fiddling around with some of the settings in the OGL menu to try and minimize it, otherwise not sure what to say. OGL lagged BAD on my old laptop but is alright on this one.

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