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adding a texture to an entity

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im trying to make a Slenderman entity for doom and i looked on the web for something that acts like a weeping angel or something, because Slenderman moves when you are not looking in slender the eight pages. so i found this DECORATE script that makes it acts like that...

ACTOR Slenderman 1448
   Game Doom
   Health 0xffffffff
   Damage 1
   Speed 15
   Radius 10
   Height 50
   Mass 9999999999
   MaxStepHeight 9999
   MaxDropOffHeight 9999
   DeathSound "world/barrelx"
   Obituary "%o blinked"
      173S A 10 A_Look
      173S A 0 Fast A_FaceTarget
      173S A 1 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130)
      173S A 1 Fast A_Chase
      Goto See
      173S A 1 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130)
      173S A 0 Fast A_FaceTarget
      173S A 1 Fast A_CustomMeleeAttack(255)
      Goto See
      173S A 10
      173S A 10 A_JumpIfInTargetLOS("Seen", 130)
      Goto See

so i used this and it worked... but the textures wouldn't show up... what part of this script will make it show a texture or do i have to add something to the script to make a texture appear?

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K, is it working now?

If not, this should help:



Although, when I named the sprite I called it SLEN in the script and my sprite names are:






Even though the sprite image is just a single frame, they are place holders until the animation is created and added for all 8 frames.


Btw, You'll notice that I increased his movement speed a lot heh. 80.

Also created a MAPINFO to change the default music to D_HOWL, I made it, you can use it if you like.




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Well yeah the map is a box, we're testing Slender man, your Slender man is in there. ~ he's usually behind you so you have to look around real quick.

Surely you didn't think I just uploaded a box heh.



Holy shit man!!! when i loaded it up in doom 2 the map was a box!!!

thanks for the testing room bro!!


And of course if you just load it up in Doom2 it will be nothing more than a box because Doom2 won't load a Zdoom script heh.




Edited by Mr.Rocket

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