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I'm about to buy this gaming laptop

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Price seems good for what you get, but I wonder if it will be super loud or unstable.




Feel free to point me to a better laptop for the price point before I impulsively buy! Thanks. :)


Hmm... never mind, seems cheaply built. Looking at Alienware now.

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Do you absolutely NEED it to be a laptop? Because you can probably get a better more stable and cheaper desktop.


Alienware is gonna offer you disgustingly expensive shit that will break within the year.


I mean just remember that while you can get a laptop that runs games as well as a desktop, laptops aren't meant to last, and they do even less so when they're for gaming.

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I suppose it could be a desktop. The layout of my room isn't really that ideal for a desk. I was gonna play on my bed. But if it ways almost 8lbs. That could be pretty uncomfortable. You're probably right, I should probably just get a desk and desktop.

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