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Delete a sound

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The audio of "schultzstaffel" is going off every few seconds and getting on me nerves.
Can I get shut of it somehow?


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I think you should be more focused on why such a sound would be playing so often. That's most certainly not normal Doom operation.

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Is there no way to mute a sound in SLADE3? Even XWE has that feature, hope to see it integrated at some point..


Anyway, open a copied version of the wad in SLADE, look around til you find the sound byte. Export it, open it in any audio editing software and mute it, then import it in place of the old sound. There you go, no more annoying sound.


If you don't have any sound editing software, this wadfile has several blank/muted sounds you can use to replace the offending lump.

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Taking what others have said and putting it all together: In Slade, make a new wad. In that wad, add a new entry and name it SNDINFO.txt (the .txt is optional, but probably a good idea). In that entry, make a line that says:

wolfss/sight dsempty

Save the wad, and when you load TW2, load the new wad after it. I could easily make the wad for you, but that wouldn't help you learn anything.

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