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Random Image Thread

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Not born in the 80s, however, I guess I post on the doomworld forums, because I could afford a pc but still liked having fun even if doom 3 was decent to me instead of having brutal doom as my ideal form of doom.

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7 hours ago, Ajora said:


I guess now we know who Doomguy's mom is.

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9 minutes ago, dmg_64 said:


I like this and I love fluffy and or obese cats... but still that poor, poor cat.

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18 hours ago, cyan0s1s said:



I had an ex that would do horrible things. When confronted she said it doesn't matter what I do... Jesus will forgive me. Then I pointed out, but if you didn't do those things you wouldn't need forgiveness. It was amazing because that simple line seemed to strike a chord with her and she became far less of a scumbag.

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My grandfather's collection:



Including (but not limited to): an MP40, Thompson, AK47, M1 Garand, M14 and a russian gun that I don't know. Also, that bag down there has an old military radio.


BTW, most of those are replicas.

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