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[McD] James

Random Image Thread

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2 hours ago, MassiveEdgelord said:

What the fuck is this from? 


I found it on a /co/ thread, I don't know the name of it unfortunately

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9 hours ago, cambreaKer said:


That brings back memories. Or rather "A" memory. Going to the "Big City" (I lived in a fairly small town) and going to Target for shopping. This was right after the Virtual Boy was released, so it must've been 1995 or early 96, and they had a demo version set up with Mario's Tennis. I was so excited to try it after reading about it in Nintendo Power! It sucked, it was hard to see, hard to focus, and it gave me a headache. 


They had a Genesis set up next to it with BALLZ Vectorman; I ended up playing that until my Mom got done with her shopping. Far better than Mario's Tennis on Virtual Boy. I mean, I wanted one because of the hype it was getting in Nintendo Power; but after trying it out I just said "Nope, this sucks". And the N64 was coming out in 96, so what was the point in getting a Virtual Boy? They're both stationary gaming devices, except one doesn't make your head hurt.


Well, the graphics in some N64 games do make your head hurt; but it's nothing like the VB. But at least I got to actually try it, so I can say with complete confidence that it sucked.


Big Edit: I just realized it wasn't BALLZ; it was Vectorman. Big mistake on my part. But Vectorman was still pretty good; better than Mario's Tennis at least. Never played BALLZ. 

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On 9/12/2020 at 4:24 AM, Rince-wind said:










That could not be a more appropriate image epitomizing modern Japan.

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9 hours ago, Master O said:

That could not be a more appropriate image epitomizing modern Japan.

Honne and Tatemae in a nutshell







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