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[McD] James

Random Image Thread

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6 hours ago, Bucket said:

Just bought a box of PC parts. What in the sam hell are these?





Those are CRIMMS, aka terminators or dummies.  They were used with Rambus memory, from around the Pentium 4 era of computers.


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17 hours ago, MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai said:

This looks nice, where is it from?

From "The Toy Shop" (Goodtimes Entertainment/Blye Migicovsky/Phoenix Animation, 1996). Found them in one group from Facebook about animation.

That cartoon is unknown but very interesting. Design here reminds me cartoons from 50-60s and sometimes from Vivziepop's cartoons. The plot is hilarious.

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Cicada (noisy but harmless insect), 9 years ago in Costa Rica:



More focus on the wings:



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