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[McD] James

Random Image Thread

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7 hours ago, Matthias said:



Imagine trying to take your eternal rest in a comfy little glass tub and, not only do they lump you in with the bits and pieces of 49,999 other mooks, but you've got goobers taking photos of you every damn hour!


Thank you for sharing this, Matthias - "ossuary" is probably my favourite word in the entire English language, and this place is unbelievable.

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Less of a meme and more of a joke, but one could say that Doom 3 is all flashlight and no substance! :P



Just kidding! While I reckon that Doom 3 is rather average gameplaywise (so many melee enemies that all amount to more or less the same attack pattern), I still think it is an amazing technological feat and a very memorable gaming experience altogether.


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My Caco judges this thread for its lackluster and surface level reddit-core content.


Romero's reaction to D3 gets a free pass tho (even tho I <3 that game.)


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1 minute ago, Lila Feuer said:

Romero's reaction to D3 gets a free pass tho

John Romero's About To Make A Face.

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