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20 hours ago, Skeletonpatch said:


Oh god... My brain does this to me all the time. I don't understand why my brain needs to run through advanced scientific calculations about how I should have spoken to the cashier yesterday when it's already done and was a perfectly pleasant encounter anyway... ALL WHILE I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!


Actually no, not all the time; only when I have important shit to do the next day like write exams or get up early so that I can go somewhere...


I think it's totally normal. Whenever I run into a puzzling issue or dilemma in life that doesn't need my urgent and immediate care or attention, I find instead of trying to figure it out for hours I should walk away for a little bit/go to sleep. It's almost like my brain is running an error scanner in the background and I'll immediately think of a solution or answer to the problem out of nowhere...

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3 hours ago, Ajora said:


Ronald McCosplay:



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Boi I'm really looking forward to Venom <3 . He looks so so insane, although the CGI got a bit crazy. He doesn't look too believable though, I suppose realism wasn't exactly a high priority.

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