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Random Image Thread

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Every time I leave my computer for a few minutes my little sister sneaks into my room and puts this image zoomed in so when I return it's what I see...



My friends and I believe in a past life... Gabe Newell was a nazi...


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Translation: "you just made the typical comment of who doesn't know how the things really are. EARTH doesn't have borders nobody's falls down in the void. EARTH still keep continuing, is just that we can't proceed beyond that border patrolled by American military forces."23120303_10212656040747512_8635994911739078364_o.jpg.f4ed531fbdc125c75c30897d5b6335c7.jpg

From a Facebook group I follow. Ah, flat earth people.

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37 minutes ago, dmg_64 said:

Aligning textures ...



My aunt's pool deck looks like this. Outside of this anomaly he had excellent work.

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