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Random Image Thread

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My local police department has 2 stars. uh apparently we have a racist cop that arrested some kids resulting in a flood of bad reviews. Other police departments nearby have 4 - 5 star reviews. Even the PD that had a hell of a lot of corruption and media coverage 3 years ago sits at 4 stars. I never even thought to review the local police departments.


Some people just go on rants about how the police are a legal criminal organization.

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16 hours ago, inicalsio2 said:

i just started listening to death a few minutes ago lol


Good man ;) .


That's a pretty sick Death avatar btw.





Edited by Agent6

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A present that my friend Nat gave me a few years ago. I still have it.

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9 minutes ago, Doominator2 said:

This scares me

Just close your eyes and sit down :D

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Furthest north:



Crossing the Date Line:




As you can gather, I was neither driving nor walking.

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