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Star Wars Battlefront II (Classic) multiplayer is BACK, on sale at GOG

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For only $1.27


The restored multiplayer apparently comes from a partnership between Disney and GOG. Not only is multiplayer live again, but it’s live across both Steam and GOG Galaxy clients with players on each service having access to each other’s games.

Oh shit boys who's ready to take down some supers?





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This seems counterproductive, don't you think? Most people are going to play the superior Battlefront II now! Well, at least I already own this on PC so yay!

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I tried to play this again recently and I found it kinda bland now. The graphics also don't look as great as I once thought they did.

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I just finished two matches. The only advantage the new battlefronts have over this one is the graphics, I completely sucked and I still had fun somehow.

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