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Have you ever felt like your DOOM collection is complete?

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Have you ever had the feeling that you have enough versions and/or copies of DOOM? Because I do...


Here's a pic of my DOOM collection:


There's pasted images on it. That's because that photo was originally taken a year ago, and the collection's been updated since then, but I was too lazy to take all my DOOM stuff and organize it on the floor to take a new pic. :P I also have an unopened 1000-piece DOOM jigsaw puzzle, but I couldn't find a pic of it on Google that I could feasibly paste into the collection pic...


In addition to those physical copies, I also have:

-Every DOOM game on Steam (except DOOM VFR)*

-An additional copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition and DOOM (2016) for my alternate Steam account

-Every DOOM game on GOG.com

-DOOM Touch on Amazon (If that counts)


So yeah, with all that said, I really do feel like I have enough DOOM stuff, and I really don't need to buy anything more related to it, at least until the next DOOM game releases. To me that's VERY good, because at the time of this writing, I don't have very much spare money. I have a hefty list of things to buy in the coming months:

-A new laptop (preferably one that can actually run DOOM (2016))

-A new phone (I got one at the beginning of the year, but due to an unfortunate accident last week I have to shell out $250 for a replacement :( )

-A new external hard drive (either 500GB or 1TB)

-New games I'd like to obtain for Christmas:

 -Quake Champions

 -Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus

 -Marvel VS Capcom Infinite

 -Optional, less-important games like Overwatch, Killer Instinct (2013) on Steam, and Sonic Forces


As you can see, I REALLY need to earn money! So again, I feel like I have a big enough DOOM collection right now and don't need to keep adding to it, and that's good because I can focus my money on all the other things I wanna buy...


*I just wanna say a HUGE Thank You here to id Software for making it so I didn't have to spend around $80 buying the DOOM (2016) DLC for both PC and PS4. I also wanna say another (yet unrelated) HUGE Thank You to them for creating three of my most beloved game franchises ever. You guys rule! ;)

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My own collection is pretty comprehensive. In particular having a complete copy of the Id Anthology and one of the Reaper Miniatures boxed sets makes it feel quite "complete". I also have a copy of the French version of Doom II, which I went to quite some trouble to get hold of. However, there's still stuff that I'd like to add to the collection. In particular:

  • I don't have a copy of Registered Doom. This is probably the biggest, most glaring hole in my collection at this point. At some point I want to see if I can pick up a good condition mail order copy. I might hold off until I can get one of the rarer versions, like the 5.25" or CD releases.
  • A lot of my stuff is missing the original big boxes. This doesn't bother me too much, but it would be nice to get at least one boxed version of each game. Currently I don't have any boxed versions of Final Doom or Heretic. The Final Doom box in particular has an "ammo box" design I quite like.
  • My copy of Doom Construction Kit is missing the original CD.
  • More console ports. But I find it hard to justify buying them unless I own the console. 


Realistically I guess it's probably never going to really be "complete" since there will always be more obscure things to add. But it's nice to add more things to it.

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Here's a list of everything Doom that I have:


Registered Doom

Ultimate Doom

Doom II

Master Levels For Doom II

Final Doom

Doom PSX

Final Doom PSX

Doom 64

Doom 3

Resurrection of Evil

Doom 3 BFG Edition (PS3)

Doom 2016 (PS4)

Doom 3: Worlds on Fire (Novel)

Doom 3: Maelstrom (Novel)

Doom 3 Prima Official Game Guide

Survival Guide Doom II

Authorized Guide to Doom 64

Doom: Knee-Deep in The Dead (Novel)

Doom: Hell On Earth (Novel)

Doom: Infernal Sky (Novel)

Doom: Endgame (Novel)

Doom (Movie)

Microforums Deathday Collection: Doom shovelware

Demon Gate: Doom shovelware

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Just a reminder I'm still looking for info about "The Warrior's Guide to Doom II" by Jonathan Mendoza, in case anybody with it in their collection happens to show up here :)

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Physically I own, two copies of Doom 2 (One is 1.666, the other is doom 95), Doom Collector's Edition, Doom 64, and Doom 2016

Digitally, I own everything possible on Steam, alongside all the classic Doom stuff again on gog.

Dunno about "complete", but I'm fairly satisfied.

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12 hours ago, wheresthebeef said:

I don't see a Doom 3 collector's edition for original Xbox in your pic, LGN ;)


12 hours ago, Fuzzball said:

What about the Gameboy Advance ones, 32X, 3DO etc


10 hours ago, StalkerZHS said:

The JAPANESE versions of Doom tho? Anyone? Nobody?

No offense, but I don't deem any of those important enough to be in my collection. In particular, DOOM I, II, and the Master Levels being on ROE for XBOX made it so I don't have to buy DOOM 3 Collector's Edition.

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A Doom collection is never complete. I might post my collection when I get home from work. My pride and joy would have to be my copy of PSX Doom in the Longbox. Is niiiiiiice.

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I'd love a collection of Reaper miniatures but that's never going to happen now.  When Bethesda re-released them I wasn't working so couldn't afford them.  That was a painful time - just watching them slip through my fingers!


Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my collection.  My most cherished collectibles would be my Id Anthology (hard to find complete and affordable) and the 90's novels (easy as hell to find cheaply).  Both these things really capture the coolness and cheesiness that is DOOM! 

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Oh I have a lot, but since there's so much, it's not complete nor will it ever be since it's pretty much near impossible for me.


What I have mostly is Shovelware, mainly D!Zone

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