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[idgames] 2017 Collection - 5 Maps

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oh god, i just finished MAP01 and attempted MAP02 a few times, reeeeally solid stuff here, the blend of berzerk gameplay with the RL in 01 was great, solid layouts


reminds me of later newschool things the likes of skillsaw and BTSX co., so if that's what you were going for you succeeded! I'll see if I can finish off the rest of the set tonight and give a full writeup off



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FDAs with saves


Solid as balls.  map 5 was a behemoth map though, woah.  I went into the mapset thinking it would just be a quick snack, but the last map was a meal of it's own, so I wasn't ready for it.  Good job, though.


edit: also, i remember playing the first map somewhere a while ago, but don't remember where.  so it might not technically be FDA.

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Just finished the first map and wow that was fun. Basically what bioshockfan90 said, the fisting/RL gameplay and the layout were both great and complimented each other well. Eager to play the rest tomorrow.

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