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What have I missed?

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I used to play Doom way back in the day when Skulltag was in full swing.  I remember playing survival with some cool people like Mechadon, Th0r, and Kid Doom.  A skin I made even made its way into Sabbat Martyr DM.


I'm just wondering what notable Doom projects I've missed in my absence that I need to play, like awesome megawads/episode replacements.

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Umm, ok hi, we don't know each other but welcome back!. Since when you stopped playing Doom and exactly what are you aiming for? In terms of gameplay and style. 

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4 hours ago, Tango said:

oh my, I wonder what th0r is up to these days. was this like, ~10 years ago?

Probably a little more than that!  I wish I remembered more names.


3 hours ago, galileo31dos01 said:

Umm, ok hi, we don't know each other but welcome back!. Since when you stopped playing Doom and exactly what are you aiming for? In terms of gameplay and style. 

Hi!  Pretty much any quality megawad is enjoyable for me, but there would be oh so many Newstuff Chronicles to go through.  Some of my favorites were Twilight Zone II, Scythe, Memento Mori, Biowar, and The Darkening.  Also, almost all of Tormentor667's stuff was pretty amazing.

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There's no more post hell now. You could say post hell froze over.

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I didn't vote myself, maybe I should, some of my favourites are low on the list or not even on the list (Bauhaus, Beyond Revival, CRFE...)

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Some highlights of what's happened in the last 10 years:

  • Skulltag ceased development in 2010, which was succeeded by Zandronum.
  • ZDoom halted development earlier in 2017. Further development is done via QZDoom and GZDoom.
  • Forums switched to a completely new software, hence Post Hell is gone.
  • Multiple megawads through the decade have been developed.
  • John Romero released unused sprites and other graphics to the public on Doom's 21st birthday (Dec 11th, 2014) and developed two custom maps (E1M8b and E1M4b) which are both on /idgames/.
  • Ty Halderman passed away back in July of 2015.
  • DOOM (2016) was released last year.
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Ok, as for megawads, others mentioned some that are also in between my favourites, here you are more options (not all of them are my favourites but there's variety you may like or not depending on your tastes):


Resurgence - it's a great Joshy's megawad, every start is rough but doable, includes ambushes and hordes in big numbers, and a very nice palette that makes red look amazing. If you have played Speed of Doom (leaving the link in case not), this plays like a sequel.


Back To Saturn X: Episode 2 - sequel to episode 1 duh, much harder and several long maps, amazing visuals and has hub maps, it feels like a different game sometimes. F***ing play it!


Hellbound - If you want to be amazed by astonishing visuals, this is one right choice. If you're looking for encounters that require a particular approach and engagement, not the best choice, but that is not to say it doesn't have its moments. You should try it out.


No End In Sight - For a mix of easy/medium/hard/wtf maps, this is a good choice, it keeps the classic Ultimate Doom style, but prepare to be harassed by cybies and spidies in the last episode.


Plutonia Revisited Community Project - Does an interesting tribute to the iwad and adds some neat touches here and there, not a whole excellent wad, just Plutonia, in large proportions, sometimes. 


Reverie - Just a classic 90's wads inspired, pretty good. You'll find some good encounters, some tightness, some puzzles, some surprises. 


Urania - This is a mix of TNT and Plutonia but in very large proportions, has homages for both wads and almost every map takes no less than 30 minutes blind. Only recommendable if you're into long maps, chaingunners and revenants, and huge numbers of snipers. Was good for me, personally. See it for yourself.  


Newgothic Movement 2 - High quality, high quantity, high-tiers, high demanding traps, high visuals, high music. 


Preacher - Not a megawad but the concept is not so common. Basically, every start can be different, so your replays may vary. 


Oscillation - Another great wad, 9 maps full of enjoyment. 


and that's all

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There's so many WADs out there and a lot to play so my personal favorite megawads over the past couple years are:

2002 A Doom Odyssey 10th Anniversary Edition - An improved version of the original 2002 A Doom Odyssey megawad for Ultimate Doom, with custom music and fixes from the original that makes a good WAD even better.


Zone 300 - A series of small maps with each having no more than 300 linedefs. While the levels are short and pretty simple, it's still some good fun.


TNT: Revilution - A more recent megawad and one I would say is a contender for the Mordeth Award. Acting as a sequel to TNT: Evilution, Revilution captures what makes the levels of its 1996 predecessor while also bringing gameplay of modern WADs and excellent visual quality. This one I would call a must play.


Estranged - As much as the original Doom 1 and 2 textures have their own infamy with poor use (especially STARTAN2), this WAD manages to use those textures so well that it makes the environments of the levels nice to look at. Levels are playable from a pistol start so I find myself jumping to a random level for the fun of it. While it is linear, the levels are well-designed enough that you probably won't mind.


Doom 2 Reloaded - As far as I know, this is probably the first WAD I've played that made a sort of revision of Doom 2, with most levels being larger and more details and of course, bringing the gameplay of Doom 2 more up to date with modern WADs (and this was done in 2009). While a few levels gave me a bit of a sour mouth, most of them are great overall, I find myself liking the city maps here quite a bit.

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