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Camera FOV

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Not panning, it's used for zooming in and out. The normal doom FOV is 90 (90 degrees). Set FOV to more, like 120, to get a wide angle lens effect. You can see down two perpendicular corridors at once this way. Or, set FOV smaller like 20, for a real zoom-in sniper effect. If you play with zdoom, this works great.

bind kp0 +zoomin
alias +zoomin "fov 20;m_pitch .05;m_yaw .05"
alias -zoomin "fov 90;m_pitch .2;m_yaw .2"

With this, when I hold KP0, the view zooms in and the mouse sensitivity is reduced accordingly to be manageable. Releasing the key returns view and mouse to normal. It would also be possible, maybe easier, to just use mouse_sensitivity in the alias instead of the two entries (pitch = up/down, yaw = side to side). Nothing like it for placing a rocket through a small far-off window. :)

Also, for zdoom you will probably need to set
in zdoom.ini.

The FOV commands can be issued in the zdoom console (~ key) I'm pretty sure, if you want to test them.

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