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A strange question....

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Sorry if this is kinda a noob-y question, just got into doing some demo-recording after doing my Doom 2 No Damage playthrough on youtube for a while. Been considering trying the insane task of attempting to finish each of Doom 2's episodes from pistol start without taking a hit, and would be nice to know if there is stuff I can set up to make it so that if I take damage or something like that run instantly resets and I go back to map 1. If there isn't, that is fine.


Also, as a completely un-related side note. If I wanted to learn how to do some the tricks/techniques found in Doom speedrunning (SR50,Gliding, RocketJumping, etc...), where would be the best place to start?

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For the first question, I have this .deh lying around, I think @Archi made it, and it will make sure your health is always 1%. It won't automatically reset the run or anything, but it'll at least be extra obvious when you get hit.




For the second question, Linguica's Movement Bible is often suggested. It will definitely take some practice and experimentation. For example, even after reading about how glides are done, it seems to be an art to do it consistently.

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