Why not just create a copyright free source port?

Some time ago I remember someone saying that the reason people haven't started selling their own Doom engine games yet is because even though the original doom engine may now be open source, actual source ports such as zdoom (which are needed to run the game on modern systems) are not and could not be shipped with a paid product.


But that makes me think...what is stopping the community from just making a new source port for this very purpose? Like some kind of source port version of freedom? It would not have to be anything super fancy, just good enough that talented modders could create and sell their own games with it. Is there any specific reason this hasn't happened yet?          

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Most source ports, including zdoom now, are released under the GNU GPL, which allows commercial use. Rather than being a blocker to commercial use, the source code is the one thing that really isn't an issue at all. In practical terms we already have what you're asking for and have had it for years. It's not "copyright free" (public domain) but is released under terms that make it free for users.


What isn't free is the IWAD file and everything else about the game. See my comment in the thread about Brutal Doom for a longer discussion.

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