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MBF Beta mode BFG and Plasma Rifle


I wonder if there are is a way of making a Dehacked file for using MBF's beta mode on modern source ports ? Actually i'm only interested in making the BFG and the Plasma rifle shoot the way they do in the beta, but i just couldn't figure out how MBF does it even after looking up the source code.

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You can make use of the MBF actors, frames, and codepointers in DeHackEd without needing to run it in "beta mode". An example is Valiant, which uses MBF stuff to introduce a bunch of custom monsters.

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Plasma might be problematic. It doesn't have any alternate states or codepointers. It's just that its firing codepointer is modified to shoot two different projectiles in beta mode.


BFG is easy - just change its firing frame from 84 to 999.

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