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Android Doom Ports VS PC gzdoom difference???

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Hmm i have a question doom touch and DoomGLES for Android how do they compare to a pc version of gzdoom??

I tried doom touch on my very old tablet that was like 50bux and it plays brutal doom fine even with all the blood graphics turned up but if i play brutal doom on a pc it Will lag with lots of blood So how come my old Android tablet performs better? 

Im guessing Its because they use different kind of blood sprites?? 

Because the blood looks different on Android version than PC version

So my question is how do they compare why does it run much better on my old ass tablet VS a pc?


Seems rly weird to me...

Isnt doom touch also gzdoom? 

There is no way my old no name chinese tablet had better specs than a pc..

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Nah i tried that in already running the lowest resolution possible it still performs better on Android on a tablet thats not even quadcore very strange

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I'd figure it (Brutal Doom) relies a lot on CPU for a few things and having a good GPU helps.

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What phone do you use and what are the specs of your PC? This is the main question.

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