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Can Some one Port Gzdoom to RPi3 please ;)

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I know some one here ported zdoom to the pi while ago..

I rly want gzdoom or zandronum is it possible that anyone can port this over?

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This is why i think other sbc boards like the Odroid xu4 are better than the pi, better performance for not much more money, the xu4 is only like 60 bucks iirc and it performs way better than the pi.

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How is that possible tho? I mean gzdoom runs at like 30-50 fps no mods on my old phone which had a cortex a7 same as rpi 2 the rpi 3 has a cortex a 53 Much faster So not sure why u getting 17fps..


Also i recently bought doom touch for my tablet which is old also has cortex a7 and regular doom 2 runs fine but with brutal doom it can lag with loads of blood and explosions i want to use it in software rendering but im having an issue when i do vid_renderer 0 it asked me to restart but when i restart it boots up doom 2 and not brutal doom but if i exit and boot up brutal doom Its back to OpenGL how do i make it So it always software render and that it stays like that even with mods? I can only get software render to work in regular doom 2 no mods no level wads OR it goes back to OpenGL rly weird help??

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On 7-10-2017 at 8:24 AM, Spie812 said:

You can compile it if you really want to.


However, Gzdoom runs like abosolute trash on the Raspberry Pi, even at the lowest settings (I'm talking 17 fps maximum).

You're much, much better off using the Linux packages of Prboom-Plus or Chocolate Doom.

Ok thanks but zdoom runs fine in Retropie tho any way i can get the same performance on rasbian linux OS than with Retropie?

Because i need my mouse look lol

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