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[WIP] Hunter's Moon V2.9.3 (Age of Abilities)

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Welcome to The Temple Of The Portals, prepare to fight hordes of giant monstrosities of hell for the control of the multiverse, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the single-player/cooperative campaign that Quake III Arena never had, the story continues a very, very long time after the Vadrigars and the Eternal Arenas taking the warriors out of the arenas' endless battles to fight for the control of what have locked them there, The Temple Of The Portals is the place where everything connects, it is the universe between the universes, it is a source of unlimited and unimaginable power that even gods wants control it.




You can play with each character that Quake III Arena have, this includes the additional characters from the Team Arena Expansion and even an extra character from Unreal Tournament 3 as well Doomslayer from DOOM (2016), currently theres a total of 29 playable characters:
- Sarge
- Doom
- Crash
- Grunt
- Ranger
- Visor
- Bitterman
- Major
- Razor
- Xaero
- Hunter
- Mynx
- Lucy
- Hossman
- Keel
- Anarki
- Slash
- Bones
- Orbb
- Fritzkrieg
- PI
- Megan
- Morgan
- Doomslayer
- Klesk
- Uriel
- TankJr
- Sorlag
- Tyzen






The weaponry of Hunter's Moon goes beyond the regular found in Quake III Arena, mostly to gives more options on how to kill enemies and provide better damage on them:
    Machine Gun (Quake III Arena)
    Heavy Machine Gun (Quake Live)
    Shotgun (Quake III Arena)
    Cynetik Striker Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Vorus Plasma Arc from Alien Rage)
    Grenade Launcher (Quake III Arena)
    Rocket Launcher (Quake III Arena)
    Lightning Gun (Quake III Arena)
    Trakion Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament 3)
    Railgun (Quake III Arena)
    Plasma Gun (Quake III Arena)
    BFG10k (Quake III Arena)
    Dark Matter Gun (Quake 4)
    Chaingun (Quake III Team Arena)
    Nailgun (Quake III Team Arena)

Changelog V2.9.3:


Major Changes:

+TankJr now has the passive ability of Armor Regeneration to himself and nearby allies (+4 armor each second up to 150, radius of 384)
+Sorlag now has the passive ability of Health Regeneration to herself and nearby allies (+4 health each second up to 100, radius of 384)
+Razor now has the active ability of launching a Cluster Bomb that will travel for 1 second if it not hits anything and casts a rain of small bombs for few seconds and finish the rain with a bigger bomb and explosion
+Megan now has the active ability of having infinite ammo for 20 seconds
+Morgan now has the active ability of having double fire rate for 20 seconds
+Doom now has the active ability of having double damage for 20 seconds
+Increased BFG10k direct damage from 40 to 100, explosion damage from 150 to 200, Ultimate explosion damage from 3000 to 4000 and Ultimate explosion radius from 512 to 640
+Increased Lightning Gun direct damage from 3 to 5
+Regeneration powerup will now regenerate 15HP below 100 and 5HP above until 200 (Courtesy of LadySlash for code base)

Bugfixes and Minor Changes:

*Fixed Flashlight starting enabled when next map resets player's inventory
*Fixed Cacodemon model normals being inverted and some faces not being closed properly
*Replaced Doom's corpse as decoration as Dead marine to slaughtered Alliance soldiers
*Added hands and sword for Zanieon's attacks in first person view
*Minimal status bar will be shown when using automap (regular status bar were overlapping automap status in the upper corners)

Stuff reduced/removed:

-Reduced Chaingun's muzzle flash in 30%







Download V2.9.3 (GZDoom Version)


Download Map Pack V0.3

Download Editor Resource R5 Last Updated: July/14.


Total Sonic Mayhem Music Pack
-This was the old Music Pack, but now some Quake 2 songs were removed and some others that combines better with Quake 3 Industrial music style were added in place.


Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack
-This add-on contains tracks from movies or other games which fits the same theme of what Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly did to Quake 3, works with pretty every megawad/gameplay wad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.

Edited by Zanieon : Update

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2 hours ago, mypetrobot said:

"This file is currently set to private." on the GZDoom Version download link

It certainly is....

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2 hours ago, mypetrobot said:

"This file is currently set to private." on the GZDoom Version download link


Just now, grouchbag said:

It certainly is....

MediaFire fails me again in not enabling download links if i do not allow them TWICE for no reason, fixed.

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Version 2.9.3 has been released! Six additional characters have abilities, changelog and download in first post, enjoy!


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