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(RELEASED!!!) Pigeon Speedmapping Session -- Operation Health

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original post:



Since Doomlover NaZa has been acting very strangely for the past few weeks and has now suddenly pulled an operation health on us, I have decided to stubbornly run my own make-shift session for this Saturday. (October 7th, 2017)

I have no idea what I'm doing.



  • It will be held on October 7th, 2017
  • You will have 2 hours to complete your map, 3 hours if it's ambitious (so basically 3 hours)
  • Your map(s) must be Boom compatible (-complevel 9). Using boom actions is not required.

  • You will be given 3 themes once the session begins, with a bonus theme for the second session.
  • You must incorporate at least one theme into your map.



  • I haven't decided whether or not I would include a texture pack like cc4-tex.wad or not yet, but I'll let you know sometime before the sessions start, and include a link to the pack itself when the themes are announced.
    • If we use one, do not attempt to add the pack INTO your wad. Simply add it as a resource in your editor of choice.
  • You can, however, use a custom sky if, and read this very carefully, you are CONFIDENT in your ability to use one.
    • You MUST use a boom sky-transfer action for this.
    • Your sky MUST start with a 3-letter prefix. For example, I would name my sky BONSKY.
    • If you really wanna add a sky but aren't sure how to do it, PM me or ask in the discord. We'll try our best to explain it.
    • If you fail to correctly add a custom sky, I will simply remove the sky entirely, unless you manage to fix it on your own within a day or two of the sessions.



Session 1: 8am EST (12 hours from the making of this post).

Session 2: 4pm EST.

for navigation - http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ - Type in ET for one side and your timezone/city in the other.


DISCORD: nevermind he banned me because he's a child join this one https://discord.gg/6eUutF4


If you have any concerns, especially regarding the times, please tell me ASAP!

I sure hope we get at least 3 people besides me in this bad boy.

I'm tryin' my best here ;~;



come play a while and maybe join the discord too c:


big thanks to mr. surreily (map order) and rjy (initial compile, essentially did all the work for me) and voltcom9 (made the titlepic!!!)!!!!



VERSION 5: fixed several issues with my map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6781gdrx4wzb5x/pigeon01beta_v2.zip

dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gljr7vs8hxh7gq/pigeon01beta_v3.zip?dl=1



FINAL RELEASE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpmrnt3mcujwgyc/pigeon01beta_final.zip?dl=1








(copy/pasted from page 4 of the thread)


After some thought, I have decided that there will not be regular Pigeon sessions. Having two completely separate speedmapping sessions every month would be detrimental to everybody. Fewer people will submit maps, and fewer people will want to play the compiled wads.


So, I believe it would be in the best interests of everybody if I didn't continue with Pigeon. That's not to say Pigeon is done for entirely, but as long as Eagle is still going on, there isn't much point in continuing. If Eagle ends or dies out, I promise that Pigeon will return and I'll run regular monthly sessions for it. Otherwise, so long as Eagle survives, Pigeon is done (unless the next Eagle session doesn't happen for whatever reason).


Thank you friends for participating, it was really cool seeing so many people support me and submit maps :D

Perhaps this will give me the confidence to run my own independent community project in the future... :o


P.S. I'll still upload this version of Pigeon to idgames or whatever once everybody is finished updating their maps and whatnot.

P.P.S. I know NaZa said otherwise, but he actually made this decision on his own without consulting me first. :/


edit: Thanks to mr. voltcom9, I have now decided that I will still run pigeon sessions on special occasions and holidays. However, NaZa will likely already be running sessions for most holidays and occasions, so we'll have to wait and see how things turn out. c:



All of this has become irrelevent. NaZa is a psychopath, and I cannot possibly see Eagle surviving to the 8th session. Pigeon will almost definitely have regular sessions.





I'll provide more details soon, probably in a few weeks when I put up the thread for the next session.

edit: who cares anymore it's on idgaaaaaaaaaaaames



zoo wee mama (NEW LINK)


it has finally been uploaded after exactly 107 bazillion years (i counted)


come play and tell me all about how horribly broken it suddenly is


thank you friends c:


P.S. join the discord nerd https://discord.gg/6eUutF4

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The 4 PM EST session will be 11 PM for me. Seeya then. I can't wait to make something for the bootleg Eagle session.



p.s. can I make a zandronum-compatible 30-minute map with Hebrew? Serious question. :]

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8am EST


4pm EST

Aka right smack dab on both sides of the time frame of when I would be able to do it :( At least when i would be able to do it easily... I guess I would still have my phone and Dosbox and DETH (or whatever the most up-to-date dos doom editor is...) so I maybe could shit something out but it probably wouldn't be of particularly good quality. So I will have to pass unfortunately


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One hour left friends. If anyone wants me to delay the 8am session, let me know soon. I'll delay it anywhere up to one hour if enough people want me to.

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It's time. Kinda. I'm posting these a minute early to give mappers time to get their stuff open and plan out their map.


(mildly spooky and also pretty trash) THEMES:

  1. Incorporate a graveyard and/or underground crypt of some kind
  2. Make good use of lite-amp goggles (i.e. have them be a valuable tool for the player, like in a really dark area or something)
  3. Only zombies, skeletons, spiders, and ghosts! (only use zombies, spectres, lost souls, revenants, arachnotrons, and spidermasterminds)

Remember, not all themes must be used. Hopefully I'll think of a better theme for the bonus.


EDIT: I ALMOST FORGOT! We will be using cc4-tex.wad for this. I just tried uploading it and it failed. I'll try again in a second. It refuses to work.


Just use this link: http://grandvoid.sickedwick.net/wads/cc4-tex.zip

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This could be......interesting. Perhaps a bit of drama amidst speedmapping sessions for the month might generate some interesting maps to play. I'll be sure to give this project a playthrough when it's complied; I'm expecting good Eagle speedmapping session quality things from this bonnie.....

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I'll join to second session, if you don't mind. I experienced storm not so long ago and I don't want risk to switch on laptop yet.

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@NeedHealth The "2 hours" thing is just a meme. You actually have 3 hours in total, so you've still got another ~70 minutes.

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UPDATE: I've just been kicked out of the discord. I might have to start my own. I don't really want to, though. Would it even be worth it?

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Would be worth it - as this has absolutely nothing to do with my sessions. 

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Name: Pumpkin HELL (updated as of 12pm EST)

Build Time: 3 4 hours

Music: "A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup" - theme of Pumpkin Hill stage from Sonic Adventure 2 (MIDI seq. by John Weeks)

Sky: PUMPSKY - it's the sky from SA2's Pumpkin Hill, recolored by yours truly

Extra textures used: just a couple of animated textures, OFALL1-4 and OWATER1-4. Hopefully not an issue? I didn't use cc4-tex. ANIMATED lump included.

Themes Used: Graveyards (missed an opportunity for dark caves + liteamp use, oh well)

Par time: 2:00, if that matters.

Difficulty levels implemented.






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Noisy Spook Map v1 (see new post)


This map is borked pretty hard in maybe a couple places, and no significant testing has been done. Here it is for formality.


I used 2 hours and 55 minutes, I will do my best to unbreak it in the coming hours.

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Map: Moss

Time: 2 hours

Midi: junkle.mid from jmickles Midi Pack Two

Themes: Graveyard, crypt, light amp for darkness, spoopy monsters

Notes: Difficulty levels, coop monsters, automap cleaned

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