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(RELEASED!!!) Pigeon Speedmapping Session -- Operation Health

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Neither did I


Name: Gravedigger's lot



Themes: graveyard, crypt.

Time: eh two and half hours maybe.

Edited by NeedHealth : fixed version

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Sorry about the delay friends.


Anyways, I'm super excited to see that moving the first session up 5 hours yielded a whopping 5 maps :D


@NeedHealth You can take as much time as you want adding music friend c:

edit: oh nevermind, i didn't see the second page :o

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Name: uhhhhh.... dunno.  "Spooky Speedmap" or something.

Download: Version 2 (see other new post for version 3)

Midi: Lavender Town - Pokemon

Themes: All Three (archviles though too)

Time: 3 hours + 30m bugfixing (i just removed the BK conveyor belt becuz it didn't work)

Sky (ripped from google images): http://festival-collection.com/wp-content/uploads/03/Halloween-Night-Moon-(05).jpg


I'm not good at shoving skies into maps on a whim; if you want me to fiddle with sky transfers proper and resizing the image, I can do that a bit later and reupload if you want, @bonnie.  edit: It's currently just converted and shoved in there without proper p_name stuff, replaces SKY1 currently.

Edited by NoisyVelvet

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I have to admit the cover photo for this speedmap session is hilarious. The maps so far have been quite fun to play, definitely looking forward to the final compilation.

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Because I've got nothing better to do...



Edited by Voltcom9 : Content fix

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@Voltcom9 I think that'll be our menu screen and mine will be the intermission screen. Are you okay with me using your picture? I'll credit you c:

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Of course, I really like the themes of these speedmaps and the content so far has been really awesome. Feel free to use the pic.

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Casual Tyson for Jimmy's map, since it was clearly designed to support it. :D




(edit: might go out of sync since apparently the wad was updated)

Edited by rdwpa

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It's time. Again. Sort of. Again. Sorry about the delay, I just had a panic attack about what theme to pick.



  1. Incorporate a graveyard and/or underground crypt of some kind
  2. Make good use of lite-amp goggles (i.e. have them be a valuable tool for the player, like in a really dark area or something)
  3. Only zombies, skeletons, spiders, and ghosts! (only use zombies, spectres, lost souls, revenants, arachnotrons, and spidermasterminds)


  1. Lots of green ectoplasm (nukage)

You don't HAVE to use the bonus theme, but you still have to use at least ONE of the themes in general. 


Things to remember:

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Spookalook map for this spooky session of spookmapping: Gravedigging.zip

Themes: Graveyard/Crypt, Lite amp(kinda) and only spooky enemies.

Build time: 1h50m or so.

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[Edit] New version posted.


Name: The Graves

Themes: graveyard, monsters, and green shit. No lite amp goggles, it kinda ruined the map's atmosphere :D

Build time: 2 hours 50 minutes (including testing)

Music: Metallica - The Memory Remains

Extra sky texture: Yep!


Click this!

Edited by Surreily : New version of file.

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Name: Summoning Nelly Cyber-Kallypsa

Themes: graveyard, monsters, nukage, liteamps, Hebrew

Time: 03:05 including absolutely everything

Music... whoever was in the discord will get the joke

Extra sky: converted one from Pirate Doom




MAP01 slot, requires cc4-tex, 127KB




one more thing btw: i haven't even tried to legit beat this map, be prepared to IDDQD

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Title: Two penny for what? Fat pigeons!

Description: It's a joke. And also a really basic slaughtermap.

Theme: 3 and somehow 4

Music: Homophobic italian singer extremely known on italian internet sings a song about traditional family and pigeons (Povia - Vorrei avere il becco)

Time: 2 hours and 47 minutes


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Exothermal Trauma

Themes: Graves, crypt, monster limits

Midi: UAC Ultra map05 (unsure what the origin of this is outside of that)

Sky credit: Mechadon

Build time: 3h30 (oh dear lol)

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Name: Dead dream
Midi: Binding of Isaac Rebirth OST - The Calm
Build time: all 3 hours.
Download: Here

Theme: I tried include graves, nukage, skeletons and other required monsters(I hope you won't hit me for imps, because I didn't have choice.)
Requires cc4-tex resource or HOMS and checkboards will be your friend. 
I hope someone will give me criticism and suggestions how to improve my map.

Dead dream at 2017.10.08 03-04-05.479 [R2990].jpg

Edited by Myst.Haruko

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bonpigeon_graveyard.zip version 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0igw1yfbb1cd506/bonpigeon_graveyard_v2.zip?dl=1

fuck me that took forever

LOTS of technical difficulties and also like 40 minutes spent not actually mapping

also it isn't done i'll finish it in the morning

thankfully i am exempt of any rules so none of this matters


name: out of the frying pan...

build time: 4 hours 15 minutes

themes: graveyard, spooky enemies, lite-amp, little bit of ectoplasm

music: alien vendetta map10

Edited by bonnie

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Thriller! In the Wad!

Themes - crypt, spoopy eneimies, lots of green slime.

Build time - too long, fuck you.

Music - Thriller - Michael Jackson

textures - Didn't use cc4 tex, but used some custom textures from ttvzone.wad


This is why I don't speedmap anymore.

Edited by Breezeep

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I look forward to compiling, as I remember the beauty that was Eagle 5 and its breathtaking compilation. 

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