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Doom Sound Question

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How would you go about adding seperate sounds for the pistol and chaingun? I know I have to make a new sound entry in wintex or something... I looked over Dehacked and couldn't find a way to change it there, maybe I'm just retarded. plez huLp mi


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bigbadgangsta said:

IIRC the only way to do it requires ZDoom. You just make a new sound lump called dschain. I think.

You're right.

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Some additional possibilities might be had through a sndinfo entry or file. These are the entries in zdoom.wad sndinfo lump:

weapons/pistol dspistol
weapons/shotgf dsshotgn
weapons/shotgr dssgcock
weapons/sshotf dsdshtgn
weapons/sshoto dsdbopn
weapons/sshotc dsdbcls
weapons/sshotl dsdbload
weapons/chngun dspistol <----- uses pistol sound
weapons/rocklx dsbarexp
weapons/rocklf dsrlaunc
weapons/plasmaf dsplasma
weapons/plasmax dsfirxpl
weapons/bfgf dsbfg
weapons/bfgx dsrxplod
weapons/railgf railgf1

You can probably just have this line in a text file named sndinfo.txt, and can then load it into zdoom with
zdoom -file sndinfo.txt

weapons/chngun dsshotgn <-----try the shotgun sound

or, just put a line like that in the sndinfo entry in your wad. This will make the chaingun sound like the chaingunner monsters.

You could most likely specify any other sound name, even one you make up, but that made-up sound name might have to also appear in the sounds definition area of sndinfo.

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I'd say so. Make two box sectors, the outer one being the pit and the inner one being what the archie stands on. And make the inner one self referencing to the outer one.

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