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Creation Club, Paid Mods, And Doom: This Shit Still Relevant And On Going?

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Since The Doom Community is probably the first time people have experienced this but whats your opinion on Creation Club? Should community creators be paid, should you pay for mods? All those questions and shit.

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This strikes a peculiar issue in that many thousands of people have already made Doom maps over the course of Doom's relevant lifetime. Some already vastly superior to the general influx of content coming in today. To start charging money for mods today would be a swift kick in the nuts for people who made massive charitable donations of their time and focus prior to this point. To track these people down as a means of monetizing their work would be rather difficult, as well.


I think the incentive to cash in on creating content for Doom would only inspire a lot of cheap tricks and attention whoring while choking out the last remaining artists who create maps as a work of love, which will inevitably poison the community. I also doubt putting a paywall behind Doom mods would do any good for the tons of people who have been downloading and playing Doom mods for free for many years.

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Creation club? there isn't anything in creation club for any of the Doom games. If modders want to sell their work as essentually a freelancers version of DLC set up in a market by bethesda, then let them.


59 minutes ago, Percival232 said:

Should community creators be paid


 Matters what the Quality of work is I suppose. With that being said, No, not everyones work would qualify to me personally as something worth paying for. If your talking about Mark's patron in this instance, He's not Technically selling his mods like what you see in the creation club, but he's being donated to so that he can continue work on a mod that many Doomers love and enjoy. So when it comes to that, people are willing to pay him to ensure the mod grows and continues to pump out new content.


59 minutes ago, Percival232 said:

should you pay for mods?

Should you be forced to pay for mods? it's all subjective. I suppose if the content is deemed high enough quality that in fact could be paid for, or perhaps was of a contest. It's all so touch and go. What I would rather see from bethesda and valve, is instead of having people pay for mods, have an actual freelancers dlc market for your game. if someone gets good enough at what they do, and enough people enjoy their work, then they can create a true profesional product to sell within the game. Really, in that scenario all thats changing is the wording of everything, but it honestly would make an enormous difference.

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2 minutes ago, MrGlide said:

 there isn't anything in creation club for any of the Doom games.




I was refering to Evilution wad where it went to a free wad to a paid mod a day or so before release

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I don't know anything about Creation Club.


People generally don't monetize their Doom mods here as far as i see, or maybe some have tried to but failed.  You have to present some sort of value to the table (for example, be an established creator to begin with), and you also have to be bold to ask for money in the first place.  Most people here are strictly Doom hobbyists anyways, and there's a lot of free content to compete with.


I do think platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter are cool in theory.  There are probably some high-profile mappers (Ribbiks/Skillsaw, i dunno) that would get a some amount of dollars if they took donations.  Theoretically, they'd be incentivised at least marginally to crank out some more maps with the idea of an extra burrito or two each month.  Or, at very least, donations convey support for your work, so you'd be less likely to lose momentum in creating content instead of falling off the grid; the exchange of money makes a social contract too (maybe another reason why people avoid monetizing) which is awkward to break or let down.  People are often happy to throw money at things they like.


Regarding wads requiring single mandatory purchase: similar thing to above, I guess.  Sounds hard to set up though; you'd need to publish in a safe way and prevent people from spreading it, etc.  I don't see this path being reliable.


There is certainly no problem in trying to monetize your creations as long as you deliver.  There's no stigma from me personally.  Though, good luck if you are bold enough to try.

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