General Info Hellebarde is a 32-Level Megawad with small/medium Maps created for gzdoom. It features classic Gameplay with intense Boss Fights in well detailed Levels.   Story You found the "Tome of Power". A old demonic Book with infinite Forces. But with it came the Armies of Hell which will do anything to get their Artifact back...   Screenshots   Episode I - Gothic/Earth   MAP03 - "Forgotten Crosses"   MAP04 - "Cathedral Drain"   MAP08 - "Church of Bones"   Episode II - Tech/Space   MAP14 - "Rocket Station"   MAP16 - "Moonstone"   MAP19 - "Moon Gardens"   Episode III - Gothic/Hell   MAP22 - "Azazel's Tomb"   MAP24 - "Red Rain from Olympus"  
MAP25 - "Castle Hellhammer"   Play Info Hellebarde is a gzdoom only wad and has only been tested with gzdoom. All Maps are balanced for pistol start and have some slight changes per difficulty. This wad is not made for non classic functions like jumping or crouching.   Map Listing   Episode I - Gothic/Earth   MAP01 - "Castle Exodus"
MAP02 - "Black Marble"
MAP03 - "Forgotten Crosses"
MAP04 - "Cathedral Drain"
MAP05 - "Jungle Science"
MAP06 - "Underground Base"
MAP07 - "Ruins"
MAP08 - "Church of Bones"
MAP09 - "Temple of the Sun"
MAP10 - "City of the Damned"   Episode II- Tech/Space   MAP11 - "Moon Base"
MAP12 - "Storage Bunkers"
MAP13 - "Waste Disposal"
MAP14- "Rocket Station"
MAP15 - "Zero Gravity Zone"
MAP16 - "Moonstone"
MAP17 - "Moon Facility"
MAP18 - "Teleportation Center"
MAP19 - "Moon Gardens"
MAP20 - "Mothership"   Episode III - Gothic/Hell   MAP21 - "Another World"
MAP22 - "Azazel's Tomb"
MAP23 - "Bloody Leafs"
MAP24- "Red Rain from Olympus"
MAP25 - "Castle Hellhammer"
MAP26 - "Shrine of Ares"
MAP27 - "The Shape"
MAP28 - "Aztec Hell"
MAP29 - "Phobia"
MAP30 - "Chord of Souls"   Music Listing   MAP01 - "Body and Soul" (Sisters of Mercy)
MAP02 - "Time is Dead" (Luna Sea)
MAP03 - "Rusty Nail" (X-Japan)
MAP04 - "Be Awake" (Luna Sea)
MAP05 - "Summerdays" (Glay)
MAP06 - "Locomotive" (Guns N' Roses)
MAP07 - "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne)
MAP08 - "More" (Sisters of Mercy)
MAP09 - "Moonchild" (Fields of the Nephilim)
Map10 - "First and Last and Always" (Sisters of Mercy) MAP11 - "Midnight Wandering" (Metal Slug 3)
MAP12 - "Mission 1" (Metal Slug Advance)
MAP13 - "Iron Man" (Black Sabbath)
MAP14 - "Credits" (Half-Life)
MAP15 - "Sound007" (Blood)
MAP16 - "Time What is Time" (Blind Guardian)
MAP17 - "Opening Stage Zero" (Mega Man X5)
Map18 - "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd)
MAP19 - "Stage 01 & 05" (Ballon Kid)
MAP20 - "Ace of Spades" (Motörhead) MAP21 - "Welcome to the Jungle" (Guns N' Roses)
MAP22 - "Planet Caravan" (Black Sabbath)
MAP23 - "115" (Elena Siegman)
MAP24 - "The Accolade" (Symphony X)
MAP25 - "Crownless" (Nightwish)
MAP26 - "Dungeon Theme 2" (The Elder Scrolls: Arena)
MAP27 - "Darkness" (Clock Tower)
MAP28 - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (Black Sabbath)
MAP29 - "The Old Camp" (Gothic)
MAP30 - "Rediscovery Part 1 + 2" (Symphony X) MAP31 - "Wave 4" (Raptor: Call of the Shadows)
MAP32 - "Body and Soul" (Sisters of Mercy)   Download   Final Version   Version 2 [outdated] closed: 28.10.17   Version 1 [outdated] closed: 14.10.17   GZDoom