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Hellebarde [Megawad] - final version on /idgames

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2 hours ago, Rowsol said:

I started playing this once it was up on idgames.  I don't like the music for the most part.  The levels, although small, are sometimes still confusing oddly enough.  Like on one of the earlier levels when you have to hit a timed switch that opens not only the door to the room you're in, but also the door to the yellow key.  This annoyed me.  Just make the doors stay open.  I got to the boss on map11 and got destroyed multiple times.  Admittedly, he surprised me so had I known what was coming I probably could've killed him without dying but his attacks do absurd damage.  I ended up quitting about map18 because I kept getting confused on where to go and just wasn't really feeling it.


I do like the custom monsters though.  It's odd you decided to enable players to skip the last boss enemy in most of the levels.  

mhm... I always loved Doom because of it's non-linearity. Why should I want to play Maps were I know where to search and where to go instantly. In the making of the wad I often thought some Maps are still to linear. So it's funny you quit on MAP18. It's probably the most non-linear Map in the whole set :) Sad... The Highlight in my opinion is the Hell Episode (MAP21 - 30)... Maybe you can try that another time :) Thanks for Playing !


 btw I think you mean the Bossfight on MAP10 (end of Episode 1) not MAP11 (beginning of Episode 2) ^^



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Anyone got any hints for that gated BFG on the last temple map before the city map? I've humped just about every wall and nothing. :D

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I finally got around to completing this.  You're right, the last 10 maps I liked much more.  I barely got lost so that's a good thing.  I had to play them on easy, UV is seriously hardcore.  I still died multiple times, which is unusual for me.  The symphony X track was a delightful surprise.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0naNpcLtpzI


It's disappointing no one else has uploaded anything from this wad.  I'd like to see someone beat some of these later levels on UV.


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Hello, recently I made a video playing this megawad commented in Spanish, for now I'm going through the first levels.

I must say that it's very well done, and the boss fights feel different from the regular Doom fights which I like. I liked the chosen music on most of the levels I've played so far and I haven't felt it too out of place. What I am learning is to better manage the use of ammunition, since this Wad gives us just what is necessary at each level.

Let's see if I make more progress in this Wad soon and I can go further and thanks to Dazzer and the people who participated in creating this Wad so that we can have fun playing them.

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Just found a bug where a mancubus dies but the gates won't open... Mind you fix this?


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