Download link (version 0.6, updated 01.03.2018): I'm now releasing all of my 9 finished maps from my Boom-compatible project for feedback. Especially I need feedback from maps 1 and 2. Those are the newest.(So map03 used to be the first map.. Map order may change when I progress with this. When this is complete there will be like 20 maps.)   Any feedback is welcome. Is nonlinear map design good (in some maps)?  Like you have to find 3 keys to exit etc. Gameplay? Is it fun? Exploration? Do you wanna see more? What you would change?   Adventurous feel is emphasized. Detailing is to support lifelike environments. Map progression is meant to be "seamless" but this is not complete so it's not always. Difficulty may be even too low for some players so try pistol start.   Name: Lost civilization (ver 0.4)
Map Format: Boom-compatible
Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GZDoom
IWAD: Doom 2
Maps: MAP01-09
Music: No music. Change your own music!
Gameplay: Single play/co-op
Difficulty Settings: Yes (Only UV tested)
Multiplayer Placement: Yes. Coop & deathmatch starts. (not tested, not balanced for this version yet)
Build Time: 2016 - 2017
Requirements: Jumping/crouching disabled. Freelook allowed. Textures: (Credits for textures/resources in wadinfo)

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