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Music extact like on SLADE

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Music on SLADE and on Gzdoom sounds different, but on Gzdoom worser. How can I do, that music sounds exact like on SLADE? I saw on Tartaru wad where authorĀ used S3M Module. Is that the way?

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Fluidsynth isn't going to be used for S3M modules.


Actually it's a bit surprising that modules would sound sensibly different. Both GZDoom and SLADE use DUMB, so there shouldn't really be differences in playback.

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I don't think he is using an s3m. He is asking if using an s3m instead of a midi would be a way to make the music sound the same in Slade and GZDoom, and the answer is yes, but Kappes Burr's answer would also.

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