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Can Someone Make Me
A Dehacked Patch For My My Megawad That:

1. Make A Weapon That Shoots All Weapons At The Same Time
2. Make Weapons As Fast As They Can Go

Email Them To Sparky921@rogers.com
Ill Put Your Name On The Credits List For My Megawad
Both Patches Must Be In A Diff File

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I thought that bfg-replacement napalm thing from The New Breed was over the top! Are you trying to make a MechWarrior PWAD (MechWarrior allows you to fire all of the weapons on your mech at once)?

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RailGunner said:

Let me guess, you want this b/c you want to have thousands of cybers being shot down instantly?

Sounds like a boredom-killer megawad.

I think Nuts.wad is going to replace MAP01 in his megawad. :P

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I'd hate to be on the other end of THAT barrel! ;)

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