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D4T Multiplayer DMake Mapping Project

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D4T Multiplayer DMake Mapping Project: 


So what is the D4T Multiplayer DMake Mapping project or D4TMDMMP for abbreviations sake? 


It is, simply put, demaking all of the multiplayer maps from Doom 2016 for use through GZDoom/Zand with Doom2 and D4T.




  • Must use some advanced features (Slopes etc).
  • IWAD: Doom 2
  • Jumping, Crouching, and Free look are allowed for best experience
  • Playable on Gzdoom/ focus would be on Zand for online play.
  • UDMF- Mapping Format.
  • Stick to the aesthetic and theme of whichever map you decide to do, with the relevant and appropriate textures. 


List of maps currently not demade:


  1. Excavation
  2. Infernal
  3. Disposal
  4. Helix
  5. Perdition
  6. Sacrilegious
  7. Beneath
  8. Ritual
  9. Cataclysm
  10. Offering
  11. Argent Breach
  12. Molten
  13. Orbital


For reference, here is the work of Mr.Enchanter whom demade “Heatwave”, (Heatwave (Doom 2016 Demake) - Mr.Enchanter) looking for that level of authenticity and charm. 

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20 hours ago, DBThanatos said:

Oh, I didnt know this was ever a thing. I did remake one map myself, but I never released it for lack of interest



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This should garner more attention so Im gonna bump it, You should try posting on the Zan forum since I think they're would be higher interest for it.

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