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ZanDom: UT Domination in Doom (v7)

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Hello, pals and gals, today I have a special thing to show. I ported Domination, one of Unreal Tournament's game modes, to Zandronum! (since it does not support bots, it is probably not for ZDoom...)


So, explaining like a normal person: This is a gametype for Zandronum, where your goal is to score lots of points, by the methods described in the rules below, until the first (and winner) team hits a score limit. That, and your team (and whether ZanDom is activated, for serverside), is defined in ZanDom options, in the main Options menu.


The rules are the following:

  • When the map starts, there are three control points, glowing floating "X" thingies.
  • If you touch one, it gets assigned to your team, until someone else, of another team, touches it, and so on.
  • Make sure to capture enough to win the match; racking up score up to a goal before any other team does!


There is an example/template DOM01 map, that I might someday make into a full-fledged map; it for now serves as a tip as to what a Dom map is.


Unlike in Unreal Tournament, that used team symbols to show what team a control point is assigned to, heeeere [sic] they are R for Red, B for Blue, G for Green and Y for Yellow.


It does not support bots (ACS does not support setting a player's internal team, I think, which is what makes bot behave team friendly when the `teamgame` CVAR is 1.), so why don't you call your friends to see floating letters? :)


Good luck, soldier.

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Are the caps instant? Or does it take time to capture a control point? Id like to see a more TF2 style approach to control point based maps, with a game timer and a timed capture of a point. (Like the more teammates on the point the faster it caps.) But that may be just me. ;)


Cool release though, I may jump on a server that will be hosting this from doomseeker sometime in the near future.

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zandronum's built in domination gamemode already works like unreal tournament's. the only thing is it displays points via sector fog rather than an actor. there are a couple domination map packs (i even made one wow)


dusk was working on a frag based domination most likely to replace the above entirely but it didn't get implemented in 3.0.


now if you port double domination (like zdaemon) or X-domination... then that is news.

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Gustavo, didn't you make a map in that dom pack bob mentioned?





Combinebobnt, Argentum, Dranzer, [IFOC]75, Razgriz/Strangle, Gustavo6046



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On 08/10/2017 at 0:15 PM, Fonze said:


Yeah, I did the bare bones, but I could almost not do in time. But I managed to send the map and a proof video on YouTube. Bob did the rest

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