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ZANZONE - The Grays

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Here are a few screenshots for the map I made for ZANZONE.


ZANZONE is a Community Project started by the UAC Janitor, the intention is to make a 10-12 Map Wad ideal for co-op and online gameplay.

There are still many map spots open, if you want to contribute, here are the specs:


IWAD: Doom 2

Map format: Zandronum Doom 2 in UDMF Format

Difficulty Focus: Ultra Violence


Map list:

ZAN01 "Asteroid Station" - UAC-Janitor - https://www.mediafire.com/file/qjdsb8nppu0jzg0/Asteroid Station.zip

ZAN02 "Gardens of Phobos" - UAC-Janitor 

ZAN03 - "The Grays" - Zerolizer

ZAN04 - Nobody

ZAN05 - Nobody

ZAN06 - Nobody

ZAN07 - "Flesh Hive" - UAC-Janitor

ZAN08 - Undecided - konamikode

ZAN09 - Nobody

ZAN10 - Nobody

(Optional) ZAN11 - Nobody

(Optional) ZAN12 - Nobody

ZANSEC - "Depot of the Krieg" - UAC-Janitor

(Optional) ZANSEC2 - Nobody


-Any map can take anyplace anywhere, however ther order of maps in the later stage if given a hell theme and a tech-base will come possibly earlier if I feel it goes better.)

-Custom music is allowed! Midis only for the moment, Mp3's will probably go in a separate pk3 file for those who want some more butt kicking action packed music for they're map

-Custom skies are allowed! only through MAPINFO lumps though.

-Look at DBZone or even TNT's Multiplayer for inspiration, all of them tend to lean towards being really action packed with some unique things involved into the mix as well!


Contact me or UAC Janitor if you want a map spot, the maps we have so far are fairly fun and well built!!








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