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I thought I was done with school forever. But then...

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I live in the little town of Central Lake*, Michigan. I'm not a lifelong native of the town; I moved up there from Southeastern Lower Michigan in June 2000 (when I was almost 12 years old). I started middle school at Central Lake in September 2000, and ended up graduating from there in 2006. I did try my hand at college (first actually going to a college for a year, and then an online college another year), and it didn't go very well, but I didn't care. I already went to hell and back finishing grade school, and I didn't wanna suffer anymore. People kept telling me and encouraging me to try to go back to college over the years, but I refused to listen to them. Last August, I stumbled upon a letter in the mail saying that my Mom finally finished paying off my student loans. Once I read that, I declared that I was officially done with school forever.


But sometimes, things happen that we don't expect...


Early last month, I dropped off a poster for my local library's gaming hangout (which I host myself) at the High School. I've been doing that (dropping off posters there) since I started doing the hangout in April 2014, so it was nothing new. Then, the new principal/superintendent of the school (who I've never met before) sees me talking to the secretary about my gaming hangout, comes up to me, and offers me a voluntary position at the school as a video game teacher!


I know I said I really didn't wanna go back to school, but I'm a gamer for life, and I'm (almost) always willing to help out fellow gamers. Plus, this wasn't just a hangout like at the library, this was an actual CLASS that I'd be teaching to school students. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so I accepted and signed their volunteer form. Three weeks later, the CLPS After School Gaming Club officially kicked off.


The Gaming Club is every Tuesday after school from 3:10 - 4:30 PM. I have a large class of boys and girls from 6th - 12th grade attending. We're stationed in the school's computer lab, so I've taught them how to use emulators and ROMs. Right now we download all our ROMs, complying to a morality rule that the ROMS/ISOs we download cannot be less than 15 years old. However, after seeing how companies are really cracking down on illegal downloading in recent years and thinking about what could happen in the future, I devised a backup plan involving the Retrode. I set up a featured game on my laptop every week for the students to learn about and try out. I'm strictly forbidden to teach the students or allow them to play anything with extreme violence, sexual content and/or innuendos, and other inappropriate content. Because of that, I'm unable to show them DOOM unfortunately. Don't worry, I still have a hefty list of good games for the class, including Commander Keen...


So yes, I'm back in my old high school teaching video games, and yes it's fun. The students are having a blast as well. I know I just said I have a list of games I can teach, but please feel free to suggest more and I may consider adding them to the list. Remember though, the games have to be school-appropriate.


*I said in previous threads that I live in Traverse City, but that was a lie only because Traverse City's bigger and more known than Central Lake, and I would like to actually move there later on...

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Couldn’t you use that example of Chinese schools using Doombuilder to teach both code structure and architecture in grade school or something?

Just force load Chex Quest skins and shit if violence is an issue 

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