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Help me run Doom Touch better?

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Doom touch is pretty laggy on my tablet

Mainly brutal doom in running a quadcore cortex a7 cpu with Mali 400MP2 gpu and 1 GB ram is there any settings i can tweak to get it to run better?

If not what specs would i need to get it run alot better?

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You can decrease the resolution. In the IWAD selection screen, there should be a gear icon. Press it and you'll see some options. One of them decreases resolution by dividend number (or something) eg if I select 2, resolution is halved, 3 makes the resolution 1/3 of the original, etc.


Another small thing is enabling the janitor of Brutal Doom. You can do this by going to the console and typing "bd_lowgraphicsmode 1".

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2 hours ago, Pencil of Doom said:

Run at the lowest resolution lol, it gives a boost in performance.

No not really. It's best to select 2-3 on 5-ish inch screens and 2-4 for bigger screens. Anything lower is a waste according to my experience.

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