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Changing Render mode help Doom touch

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Ok i posted earlier about how to get it to run better i found out i can get it to run better in render software mode but whenever i do vid_renderer 0 and restart the game Will restart but without brutal doom how the heck do i get brutal doom running in render? Because everytime i change my render and restart it brutal wont be included .. hm

Brutal keeps booting in opengl

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It's actually very simple: you can't change the renderer.


The GZDoom used in D-Touch does not come with the software renderer (vid_renderer 0), only OpenGL (vid_renderer 1). This is to avoid legal problems.


BUT the software renderer may return in Delta Touch (D-Touch's successor), since GZDoom had successfully went GPL. I don't remember the details sadly.

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Ok thanks i guess ill stick to zdoom on my RPi3 then heh since it at least runs that in soft and gets decent performance ill try again with delta touch tho

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