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Soiled Stones: Limit removing map for Doom II

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Tested in: Prboom+, Crispy Doom


A short, difficult map with original music, put together in about a week while I take a break from a larger project.


Feedback/Demos would be appreciated.








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Pretty fun level. Feels kind of unique due to large spaces, and the music kicks ass. Exploiting infightings is rather easy in a lot of places, but that's true for many maps. The only problem I noticed is floating items near the red key. Playthrough attached.


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Thanks for the demo! Its interesting to see the map played in a more cautious style. I definitely should have put more thought into balance for non "run and gun" players. This is my first time designing a more sandboxy style of map so this type of information is very valuable.

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Good map. It was a bit hard at the start, the pain elemental had me wishing for a super shotgun when all I had was a rocket launcher that got me killed (lol I suck). After getting my hands on the better weaponry, it was smooth sailing (other than the fact I was on about 50% health for most of the map). Nice use of large areas and mid-tier enemies. Not sure what purpose the pinkies serve near the beginning other than eating up ammo though. Keep it up!

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